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Sunshine Maple Orange Liqueur

Sunshine Maple Orange Liqueur

Sunshine Maple Orange Liqueur, Sunshine in a barrel.

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Perhaps if you saw the sunlight dance on the ocean waves near our farm, you’d wonder too: if you could bottle sunshine, what would it taste like? We thought about it and were determined to find out. Our answer: Sunshine Liqueur. Created in 2015, Sunshine Maple Orange liqueur is a small-batch, specialty blend of Canadian spirits and pure maple syrup coupled with a selection of natural extracts. Sunshine maple orange liqueur, sunshine in a barrel, bursting with flavour: Orange Spice Maple.

Tasting Notes:

• Orange Spice Maple: This rich, copper liqueur combines the aromas of fresh oranges, sweet vanilla mandarin and honey maple. Its pallet is smooth and sweet, with zesty citrus undertones and a warm finish.

• Cocoa Maple Liquorice: A golden, honey-coloured liqueur with a complex vanilla scent created by the combination of pure Canadian maple and liquorice root. Its creamy, buttery honey taste is topped off by a smooth caramel finish.

Sunshine Liqueur Facts:

• Still: Custom-designed copper still
• Vodka Base: Two-row barley (That’s it. Nothing else.)
• Distillation: Small-batch, 4x distilled and charcoal-filtered • Alcohol Content: Bottled at 30% Alc.Vol.
• Bottle Size: 750ml
• Packaging: Keepsake barrel-style bottle with custom label