About Us

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) Canada, Coastal Delight Fine Food and Drinks is specialized to export Canadian premier food and drinks products to Asia and Europe, including China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, etc. We are your LOCAL wholesaler in Asia and Europe for Canadian wines, icewines, fruit wines, spirits, beer, maple syrup, cookies, etc. Whether you are looking for tasty Canadian treats or premier Canadian gifts you will be delighted with our offerings.

Our Products

  • Wines: BC VQA red wines and white wines (British Columbia Vintners Quality Alliance)
  • Fruit wines: blueberry wine, cranberry wine, raspberry wine, cherry wine etc.
  • Artisan handcrafted spirits: maple liqueur, cherry liqueur, whisky and vodka
  • Beers: small batch brewed craft beers
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: bottled glacier water and juice
  • Maple products: maple syrup, maple cookies and maple tea

Our Services

With seamless global supply-chain management, local warehouses and distribution networks in China, Hong Kong and across Europe, we timely deliver top quality food and drinks from Canada to your door.

Our Suppliers

We source directly from top producers in Canada, such as BC VQA wineries, artisan distilleries, craft beer breweries, and other quality food and drinks manufacturers. We only select the most efficient, competitive and quality producers that can exceed our quality and delivery standards.