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CanadaOne Artisanal Vodka

CanadaOne Artisanal Vodka

Canada’s finest handcrafted vodka: there can only be One. CanadaOne Artisanal Vodka

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CanadaOne is neutral on the nose with a light, grain sweetness and a hint of floral aromas. The palate is quite round, with a clean, crisp, semi-sweet grain finish.

CanadaOne Facts:

• Still: Custom-designed copper still
• Vodka Base: Two-row barley (That’s it. Nothing else.)
• Distillation: Small-batch, 4x distilled and charcoal-filtered
• Alcohol Content: Bottled at 40% Alc.Vol.
• Bottle Size: 750ml and 375 ml
• Packaging: Beautiful silkscreened and frosted bottle with custom 
Vinolok glass enclosure and premium embossed and foil-stamped box, suitable for gift-giving.