Canadian Premium Gin from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Wayward Unruly Gin by Wayward Distillery

Wayward Unruly Gin starts life as 100% pure honey from British Columbia, Canada. The honey is gently fermented into mead and distill that mead to spirit using custom designed stills to separate out the harsh heads and the oily tails, ensuring that only the softest and sweetest hearts are ever collected. Unruly Gin is a refreshingly alternative Canadian-style gin that has balanced and complimented its juniper with a hint of cedar and citrus, a dash of fragrant lavender and sarsaparilla root, and the vibrant notes of coriander. Enjoy Unruly Gin neat to fully experience the delicate and complex flavours, or introduce it to your favourite cocktails and martinis and watch it shine. 

Shelter Point Hand Foraged Botanical Gin, Crafted to perfection. 

Shelter Point Distillery's hand-crafted botanical gin is distilled in small batches on the family owned distillery in Oyster River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. What makes this spirit so bold and distinctive? Well for one, the Distillery uses hand-foraged local ingredients. The few ingredients they can’t find on their own farm are sourced from only the finest locations. They also use pure spring water that comes from a glacier-fed aquifer located directly beneath their own land.