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Shelter Point The Forbidden Single Malt Whisky

Shelter Point The Forbidden Single Malt Whisky

Shelter Point’s second Single Malt Wheat Whisky release has finally arrived. This whisky is the third different grain whisky bottled. Named after our local landmark “Forbidden Plateau”, this small mountain and our whisky are similar as both shrouded in mystery. By using Wheat as the base this whisky is truly unique and unlike anything Shelter Point have ever produced. This whisky was double distilled and aged in exclusively in American oak ex bourbon barrels.

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The Forbidden whisky is sweet and medicinal on the nose. The palate is full of caramel and vanilla and slightly spicy note. The satisfying finish is a delicious combination of a slight peppery note and vanilla. 

Shelter Point Smoke Point Whisky Facts:

• Still: Custom-designed copper still
• Base: Malted Wheat (That’s it. Nothing else)
• Distillation: Small-batch, 2x distilled
• Spirit: Natural colour and non-chill filtered
• Alcohol Content: Bottled at 47% Alc.Vol
• Bottle Size: 750ml and 375ml
• and original engraving of Shelter Point Farm created by renowned 
illustrator Steve Noble